The Daboub Partnership – Delivering Success  


Dr. Juan José Daboub listens to community leaders and people affected by hurricanes in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Dr. Juan José Daboub listens to community leaders and people affected by hurricanes in Les Cayes, Haiti.

The Daboub Partnership™ was founded by Dr. Juan José Daboub as a catalyst to help organizations create strategic partnerships that deliver results to the bottom line, while also positively impacting the global community. The Partnership can provide insight based on experiences working cross sectorally – from multilateral and policy-focused organizations and government, to nonprofits and the private sector. The Daboub Partnership will work with your organization to find and promote ideas, opportunities, solutions and a double bottom line. 


We promote ideas that have been successfully deployed and implemented under normal circumstances or in extraordinary conditions. We develop new ideas according to the highly competitive world we live in.

The Daboub Partnership™ helps corporations, governments and NGOs around the world meet their goals by following a thorough and participative decision-making process where major stakeholders are present.

We believe in the private sector as the engine of growth and job creation.

We are convinced that the role of government in providing security and creating conditions for investments to flourish is key.

We encourage the participation of civil society in providing inputs and monitoring results that enhance transparency.


The Daboub Partnership™ members have a track record of helping clients remove obstacles and enable the environment for successful transactions. 

Our services include:

  1. Identify country and sector risk
  2. Analyze markets
  3. Partner with the right parties to mitigate risks
  4. Market entry and exit strategies

We do this by:

  1. Build relationships that help navigate in different situations
  2. Develop regulatory strategies
  3. Seize growth opportunities
  4. Promote corporate citizenship
  5. Encourage respect for the environment


We work with our clients by capitalizing on hands-on experience from Government, Industry and Civil Society executives to identify and implement solutions that produce measurable results.

We build enduring partnerships for our clients by helping them understand and influence the decision making process of key stakeholders.

We assemble the best possible team and follow a simple, yet effective process:

  1. Problem definition,
  2. Evaluation of solutions,
  3. Cost/benefit analysis,
  4. Selection of best possible solution,
  5. Actions for implementation,
  6. Selection of the team to implement solutions,
  7. Budget,
  8. Implementation,
  9. Communications,
  10. Monitoring of results and
  11. Preparing for the next challenge.


We expand our clients capabilities, helping them seize a competitive return on investment and to enable the surrounding environment for prosperity of those in the community that our clients serve.

Depending on your bottom line criteria, we work towards maximizing results for our clients: ROI and doing good for people.

We are convinced that one-shot deals are not the way to go. We help create long term enduring partnerships.

If our client is a government trying to implement a particular public policy, we can help not only in identifying best practices, but also create the public support to have it pass through legislative bodies and then accompany them during the implementation.

More importantly, we want to be part of the next set of reforms; thus, success is not only defined by the passing of a particular law and its implementation, but by the political capital that needs to be created and can be used for the next endeavor.

For clients in industry, who want to expand or access new markets we propose ideas on process initiation; help identify local partners, if needed; and assemble a team to help in the implementation. We help to bring results to the Board. These results will be consistent with our double bottom line approach.

At not-for-profits, The Daboub Partnership™ helps identify your best network, increase visibility, strengthen reputation and achieve your mission, including by developing fundraising strategies.