The world is evolving and changing rapidly. Understanding the risks and the opportunities can help people prepare and multiply their talents. Working in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, I have seen success in the eyes of individuals that take destiny into their own hands. Progress is particularly possible when there is freedom exercised with responsibility. 
Today’s world has great opportunities for collaboration between private, public and civil society organizations. Discipline and foresight together with pragmatism produce extraordinary results. Results that are measurable. From infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, food, and water to improved governance, security, health and education, leaders around the world are enabling the environment to attract resources that create value for their citizens. 
The website of The Daboub Partnership™ attempts to share valuable experiences that have proven to work around the globe. Whether you are in academia, multilateral organizations, think tanks, NGOs, or industry, there are experiences around the world that I invite you to visit.


Dr. Juan José Daboub, The Daboub Partnership Chairman and CEO

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