Chairman and CEO of The Daboub Partnership

Founder and Co-owner of Companies in several industries in Latin America

Founding CEO of the Global Adaptation Institute

Co- Chairman of  the World Economic Forum Council on Climate Change

Former Managing Director of the World Bank Group (2006-2010)

Former Minister of Finance of El Salvador

Dr. Juan José Daboub

Dr. Juan José Daboub

Dr. Juan José Daboub, Ph.D. is the Chairman and CEO of The Daboub Partnership, an initiative of ARCIS, LLC, dedicated to delivering results for public and private organizations around the world. He is also the Founding Chief Executive Officer of the Global Adaptation Institute (www.gain.org) and the Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change (www.weforum.org). He has taught at Princeton University and is a member of several Board of Directors, including in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. 

As Managing Director of the World Bank from 2006 to 2010, Dr. Daboub oversaw operations in 110 countries throughout Africa, the Middle East, East Asia and Latin America. He was also responsible for the oversight of the Human Development and Sustainable Development Networks, the Information Systems Group, the World Bank Institute, and the Department of Institutional Integrity.

Internationally recognized as a thought leader, Dr. Daboub has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and many other international publications. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, EWTN, TCS, and many other broadcast media outlets.

He has spoken extensively at high-level international conferences on economic freedom, prosperity and development issues, including the World Economic Forum, the Union for the Mediterranean, the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, OECD, Transparency International, the BOAO Forum, and the Atlantic Basin Initiative.

Prior to the World Bank, Dr. Daboub lead the expansion of his family owned businesses and worked for non-for-profits on public policies to promote liberty, stability and growth throughout Latin America.

From 1999 to 2004, Dr. Daboub served concurrently as El Salvador’s Minister of Finance and as Chief of Staff to the President. In these high-profile, dual roles, Dr. Daboub helped to navigate his native country through several regional economic challenges including securing and sustaining El Salvador’s investment grade rating, “dollarizing” the economy, and completing a Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. During this period, he also oversaw the emergency reconstruction of El Salvador after two major earthquakes in 2001.

Dr. Daboub’s leadership began in the private sector, where he led his family-owned businesses for nearly a decade before joining the Board of CEL, El Salvador’s electric utility, and presiding over El Salvador’s electric distribution companies.

Subsequently, he was named President of ANTEL, the state-owned telecommunications company, which he re-structured and privatized through a competitive and transparent process that also de-monopolized that strategic sector. He held high Government positions in El Salvador for 12 years (1992-2004), working for three different Administrations without belonging to any political party.

Dr. Daboub holds a Bachelor's of Science, Master's of Science and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is married to Glorybell Silhy de Daboub, they have four children, and live in Potomac, Maryland, USA.


Senior Advisor



Broad experience in leadership, coordinating multicultural and multidisciplinary task forces, and with a focus on social responsibility for the most vulnerable population. 

Ms. Tobar worked for the Global Adaptation Institute based in Washington, DC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and improving livelihoods through adaptation to climate change. She was responsible for the Institute’s participation in national and international forums, and also contributed to analyzing and evaluating projects.

As a former diplomat from El Salvador, she has thirteen years of experience in political, economic, trade, immigration and social issues in Washington, DC, and six years in multilateral trade and social issues in international organizations such as the WTO, UNCTAD, ITC and ITCB in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before joining the Salvadoran Foreign Service, she served for seven years at major banking and financial institutions in El Salvador, managing strategic planning, human resources, and administrative affairs. 

Tobar is a Board member of LA BECA Women’s Scholarship Foundation.  She is committed to providing opportunities for women and girls in the poorest countries on earth, and helping them to realize their dreams through scholarships geared toward Central and South America. She is also part of an initiative to help build schools in Haiti. 

Tobar was a basketball player in the Salvadoran National team, and in this capacity, participated in several international championships.

Tobar attended the José Simeón Cañas University in El Salvador and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Clayton University. 


Marketing & Communications



After 10 years in the communications industry serving as an account manager, designer, director of communications, editor, journalist, social media manager and web content manager, Jamie Carson continued in the industry as an independent consultant specializing in global environment, resilience & sustainability communications. C.C. Global, based in Washington, D.C., first worked with the Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN), a nonprofit dedicated to saving lives and improving livelihoods through adaptation to climate change, resource scarcity and urbanization. C.C. Global in 2013 launched Envirorun, a networking organization for the environmental community and remains dedicated to its mission in its work: advancing cooperation, education and outreach within the environmental community.

Carson also works to support a coastal resilience institute, a contractor of USAID, a multilateral climate change group and a university environmental program, and has done pro bono work for several environmental organizations including the Association of Climate Change Officers and The Nature Conservancy. Her most recent positions include director of communications at the Global Adaptation Institute (GAIN) and in the same role at News Link, a communications company serving clients including Amtrak, BNSF Railway Company, Bosch Communications, CSX Transportation, Kellogg Company and Union Pacific. 

She has written for magazines and newspapers and published on the Associated Press wire. 

Carson, a Nebraska native, attended the University of Minnesota, Mankato, receiving a double bachelor’s degree in Spanish and journalism with an environmental studies emphasis. To complete higher-level classes, she attended the Universidad de Guadalajara, México, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.