Antigua Forum Appoints Dr. Daboub to Board

Dr. Daboub was recently appointed for a three-year term as Member of the Advisory Board of the Antigua Forum.

"The Antigua Forum focuses on stories of success that have changed the lives of people by implementing proven public policies that work. Public policies that give people the opportunity to take destiny into their own hands," Dr. Daboub said is the reason that he accepted the invitation to join the Antigua Forum. “I look forward to working with key players in the think tank, the academia and private sector world who understand that economic and political freedom are essential ingredients to economic growth and social stability,” he added. 

Dr. Daboub joins a selected group of individuals, including Tom Hazlett, Ruth Richardson, Roberto Salinas, Ian Vázquez, and most recently the board welcomed John Chisholm, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and incoming president of the MIT Worldwide Alumni Association.