The Victoria Forum: Global Trade & The Promotion of Inclusive Economics

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Dr. Juan José Daboub was invited to be a panelist for a plenary session at the Victoria Forum in Victoria, Canada from November 17-19, 2017. The session titled, “Global Trade & The Promotion of Inclusive Economies” was presented by the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business with the forum staged by the University of Victoria and Global Affairs Canada.

The University of Victoria and Global Affairs Canada joined forces to organize the inaugural Victoria Forum under the theme of Canada's 150th Anniversary, "Canada@150: Promoting Diversity & Inclusion." 

Dr. Daboub joined global and national policymakers, business leaders, academics and civil society representatives to take stock of Canada’s successes and challenges in these areas, and to chart a way forward.

Following the Victoria Forum, Dr. Daboub gave an interview for Majalla Magazine where he discussed the importance of being one step ahead of change, why the World Bank needs to change its current strategy and more. Read the entire interview HERE (

 The Victoria Forum covered six main themes: 

- Diversity and economic prosperity
- Economics of indigenous inclusiveness
- Geopolitics of diversity
- Defining climate justice
- Philanthropy, civil society, and inclusive development
- Global trade and economics of diversity

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According to organizers, the "Global Trade & The Promotion of Inclusive Economies" gathered forward thinkers and experts to discuss whether Canada provides genuine alternatives in their international outlook and global partnerships. This includes whether Canada possesses the willingness, strategic vision and capacity to effectively balance global trade and economic integration with the sustainability of local communities and the environment. 

Other panelists include: 

- Dr. Eva Busza, VP Research, and Programs, Asia Pacific Foundation (and an APF Youth Council representative)
- Hon. Yuen Pau Woo, Senator from Canada
 - Mr. Jaloul Ayed, President of MED Confederation and Vice President of Euromed Capital Forum and former Minister of Finance of Tunisia
- Mr. David Usher, Director General, Trade Negotiations at Global Affairs Canada

The moderator for the session was Dr. Daniel Muzyka, President and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada, and Professor of Management at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

Publication regarding the event: 

Event chairman Saul Klein went into detail about the Victoria Forum in an interview for the Times Colonist. He discussed the goals behind evidence-based discussions, diversity, and ambitions of the Victoria Forum. Read the interview HERE (